September 2018

Hannah Brine says “I really love conducting choirs. I’m so excited to be starting a choir in Finsbury Park. The response from local people already is very encouraging.”

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Watch a video of Hannah’s choir Kensington Singers here.

What kind of choir is Finsbury Park Singers?
We are a non-auditioned, community choir including people from all age groups and different levels of experience. We meet on Tuesday nights to rehearse at the Elizabeth House Community Centre. Our members are aged from mid 20s to mid 70s and live/work in and around Kensington.

When was Finsbury Park Singers founded?
Our first rehearsal is September25th, and we’re so excited!

What mix of voices do you have?
We are split into 4 voice parts –  soprano, the highest vocal range, and alto, then tenor and finally our lowest part is bass. For some of our more complicated pieces, we might split into 8 parts (more harmony the better !)

Where have you performed?
We are excited to be forming this September – if you’d like us to perform at your event, please get in touch!

What kind of music do you sing?
We sing everything! From classical to pop, folk, gospel to musical theatre and world. We are not afraid to tackle different languages, from French to Zulu, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin.

Is this Hannah’s first choir?
Hannah started her first choir in 2007 when she launched Fosse Singers in Leicester. In 2011 she started Kensington Singers in West London and travelled down weekly to run their rehearsals on Monday evenings. In 2013 she moved to London and has since delivered choral workshops and choirs for : Royal Brompton Hospital, Shoreditch House, UK Green Buildings Council, Selfridges, NHS, Rothschild, Jones Day Law Firm, Swing Patrol and Spark Youth Choir. Whilst living in Leicester she ran choral projects for Summer Sundae Weekender, De Montfort University and Parkinson’s UK. She currently conducts four weekly choirs; Kensington Singers, Victoria Park Singers, Finsbury Park Singers and the ITV Voices staff choir and runs an annual singing retreat. She studied with the Association of British Choral Conductors and holds an LRSM distinction in choral conducting.She is also Estill voice trained, currently studying on the Certified Master Teacher course with Anne-Marie Speed.

Our choir aims to:
  • Provide professional performance opportunities
  • Be a spring board for further musical learning – Some choir members have been on workshops at the Southbank centre and taken part in additional choir projects
  • Generate local links .
  • Bring in professionals
  • Utilise and empower choir members’ other skills –  eg video making, organisational skills, fundraising for concerts etc.

Benefits of singing in a choir:

• Proven health benefits of group singing, better posture, breathing, release of endorphins, team work, social benefits etc
• Improve musicianship / vocal skills.
• Learning new skills helps fight off depression.
• Networking – members sponsor each other for runs, attend concerts together, help share contacts, find instrumental tuition locally, attend each others non KS performances etc.
• Able to contribute to society